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Att Sunday skaters (that are not skating) ensure your email on this site (your account) is correct for your refund.  

Please do not email me about refunds they are bing done this week.

No skating on  March 12 only.

Please make sure invoice number is in the notes of your etransfer, payments are due once registered *unless you made payment arrangements via club email This is the new email for all etransfer, no other email will be accepted, please include invoice number and not your child's name to avoid delay in processing your etransfer.


Petawawa Skating Club Winter Schedule 2022 - 2023 5 sept 2023

Programs start 10th Oct unless indicated      
Program Monday Tuesday PM Wednesday Thursday PM Friday (AM) separate  registration from regular program Saturday Sunday
    Civic Center   Civic Center Civic Centre   Silver Dart Arena


Advanced StarSkate

  6:45-7:00  spins    6:15-7:00 free/skills 6:30-8:00 AM   10:00-10:15 turns 
  7:00-7:45  free/skills    7:00-7:30  dance      10:15-11:00 free  
  7:45-8:15  dance   

7:30-7:45  stroking 

    11:00-11:30 dance
            11:30-11:40 skills
            Flood 11:40-11:50

Synchro Star 8


8-11am Sept 17/24th ONLY, Then 9:00-10:00am in Oct. 



  5:50-6:00 stroking    4:45-5:15 free  6:30-8:00 AM   10:00-10:15 spins turns
  6:00-6:30 free   5:15-5:45 dance     10:15-11:00 free
  6:30-6:45 dance          
  6:45-7:00 spins turns          
Synchro Star 3/4       5:45-6:15       

Adult Star Skate/adult canskate


PreCanSkate Tues  5-5:30pm 

age 4+ (Oct-Dec)

parent and tot 3+


PreCanSkate Tues 5:30-6:00 pm

age 4+ (Oct-Dec)

Parent and tot 3+


PreCanSkate Sun 11:50-12:20

age 4+ (Oct-Dec)

Parent and tot 3+



PreCanSkate Sun 12:20-12:50

age 4+ (Oct-Dec)

Parent and tot 3+




CanSkate Tues (Oct-Mar)


CanSkate Sun (Oct-Mar)

Subject to change            
Parent and Tot age 3+ is run same time as PreCanSkate.   Create an account include family members that will be on the ice then Email me, I'll create invoice. * info about program can be found under "skating" tab.